The Australian Karate Federation (AKF) has announced that it has started the process to transition from an incorporated association to a Company limited by guarantee.

The changes mean the AKF, formed in 1972, continues to be officially recognised by Sport Australia as a National Sporting Organisation (NSO) and the national body for the development of karate in Australia.

With the support of Sport Australia, a new constitution that reflected the change to a Company limited by guarantee was developed and presented to members in November, with members voting to support the new constitutional model at a Special General Meeting held on 4 December.

AKF National President Hani Zahra thanked members for their overwhelming support to move to a company limited by guarantee and a model that focuses on including all members of the karate community.

“I acknowledge the important role all stakeholders played to bring about this historic change to the AKF,” Mr Zahra said. “I look forward to working with our members, coaches, athletes, referees and supporters to ensure
the continued growth and success of the AKF and thank Sport Australia for their ongoing support.”

The AKF will now convene working groups of stakeholders to work towards a future-focused and sustainable model for the AKF. The working group will be made up of diverse members from across Australia to encourage wide-
ranging conversation and varied perspectives.