Australian Karate Federation Education Plan 2016

All National Athletes 16 years and older and attending private coaches selected to a training squad are required to complete ASADA eLearning Level 1 Anti-Doping Course.

This course provides you with the opportunity to develop your knowledge of anti-doping. The interactive course comprises of six modules and an assessment. Total time to complete this course is approximately 70 minutes. A certificate is issued upon completion of the course and the final survey. This certificate can be downloaded from the My Certificate & Profile page.

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Key changes to the 2011 Prohibited List – General information – Methylhexaneam

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      Methylhexaneam is commonly found in many protein powders, creatine products and other supplements.

Elite Indigenous Travel and Accommodation Assistance Program

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Non-registered athletes application to attend National Squad Training

Application for NON squad members to attend AKF Elite Athlete and National Talent Identification Squad Training.

Forms and payment are required to be submitted 5 days prior to the training session.

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Application For Exemption from Compulsory Events

Please complete this form to request exemption from a compulsory AKF event.

State events, please contact your state administrator – See here for links to State federation websites

Athlete Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


  1. comply with all lawful and reasonable directions of the Team Head, the coaches, and any delegate of the Team Head;
  2. conduct myself in a proper and dignified manner at all times;
  3. conduct myself in such a manner so as not to bring myself, the AKF, the team or Karate into disrepute;
  4. respect the spirit of fair play in competition and behave in a sporting manner at all times;
  5. avoid violence inside and outside the arena;
  6. refrain from any demonstration of political, religious or racial propaganda of any kind;
  7. refrain from any sexual, religious or racial harassment or vilification of any kind;
  8. travel to and depart from any event on the dates and in the manner determined or approved by the Executive Committee or Team Head;
  9. during the period of competition live in such accommodation as determined or approved by the Executive Committee or Team Head;
  10. at all times conduct myself so as to obtain and maintain my best possible level of fitness and competency for competition;
  11. at all times carry out my duties to the team, and as a representative of Australia and the AKF, to the best of my skill and ability;
  12. throughout the event wear the uniform and clothing, and use the equipment provided for the use of the team, unless I have obtained an exemption from doing so from the Team Head;
  13. not make or endorse publicly any comment, criticism or statement calculated to prejudice the WKF, AKF, Team Head, Karate or any other competitor.
  14. other conduct guidelines as published by the AKF on the official website.


  1. comply with the International Anti-Doping Policy, the National Anti-Doping Policy, and any similar policy as published from time to time by the AKF;
  2. not use, possess, attempt to possess, buy, sell, exchange, agree to buy or sell, traffic or attempt to traffic, any drug of dependence or other prohibited substance in breach of any law applicable within any part of Australia or such other country in which I am competing.


1. Disclosure of Information I authorise –

(a) any medical practitioner, dentist, chiropractor, physiotherapist or other therapist whom I have consulted in the period of one year proceeding this agreement to provide to the Team Doctor upon request all details of any illness, disease, injury or other medical conditions, as may reasonably be required by the Team Doctor to assess my fitness to compete;

(b) the Team Doctor to make disclosure of any information obtained pursuant to paragraph (a), and of any diagnosis he or she had made or treatment prescribed, to the Executive Committee or Team Head; and

(c) the Executive Committee to retain any information obtained pursuant to paragraph (b), and to use such information in the preparation or publication of any medical, scientific or technical paper or journal, on condition that my identity is not thereby disclosed.

2. Medical Testing I agree –

(a) to undergo such lawful and reasonable medical tests as may be required by the Team Doctor (including, but not limited to, samples of blood, urine, saliva or other bodily samples), and I acknowledge that any such sample may be analysed for detecting the presence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or other disease or medical condition;

(b)to undergo such lawful and reasonable medical tests as may be required by the WKF.

3. Use of Drugs I agree –

(a) that I have been provided access to the Team Doctor;

(b) that I will use only such medications or drugs as are provided or approved by the Team Doctor, and will only use such medications or drugs with the express approval and under the supervision of the Team Doctor.


  1. that the Team Head may consult the Team Doctor to determine my fitness to participate in any event;
  2. that the Team Head, acting on the advice of the Team Doctor, may direct me not to participate in any event, and that I am bound by any such lawful or reasonable direction;
  3. that the Team Head may give the direction in paragraph (2) having regard to any unacceptable risk of causing myself injury or death, or of aggravating any existing injury or illness, or of causing injury or harm to any other person.


I agree to comply with all lawful and reasonable directions given to me by the Team doctor concerning medical matters relating to health and safety.


  1. the spokesperson at all times in all contact with the electronic or print media will be the Team Head or his or her delegate;
  2. I will not give any comment or make any statement to the electronic or print media on any matter relating to any event save with respect to my own performance;
  3. I am not bound to give any comment or make any statement to the electronic or print media.


Official AKF age category cut-off for 2015

The official age cut-off for all National AKF events in 2015 is 12 November 2015

Entry into Australian tournaments is based on your age as at 12 November 2015