Dear Members & Athletes,

On behalf of the Executive of the Australian Karate Federation, I am delighted to announce the AKF national coaching team members who take office from 1 January 2018:

Kumite Specialisation:

Senior National Coaches

  • Mark Golding (WA)
  • Marco Mazzanti (Vic)
  • George Barounis (NSW)
  • Matthew Johnson (SA)
  • Robyn Choi (QLD)

National Coaches

  • Michael Panossian (WA)
  • Wayne Noble (Vic)
  • Peter Hollowood (Vic)

Assistant National Coaches

  • Darren Olsen (Vic)
  • Azedin Rghioui (NSW)
  • Leon Romary (QLD)

Kata Specialisation:

Senior National Coach

  • Stephen Kelly (QLD)

National Coaches

  • Frank Poci (Vic)
  • Zlatko Dimoski (WA)

Assistant National Coaches

  • Ricky Rigor (NSW)
  • Renee Caruso (Vic)
  • Craig Catania (Vic)

We have a strong team of national coaches who have contributed significantly to the past and current success of AKF in both the domestic and international competition arena. We are very keen to see this success continue and our coaching team continues to be important to achieving this outcome. On behalf of the AKF Executive, I warmly welcome the new and returning national coaches to the national coaches team, and very much look forward to working with them. Please join me in congratulating them on their appointments.

Yours sincerely

Donald James Vice President

National Coaches Announcement Letter 04012018